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DANCE CLASS he mele no lilo

first time performance for the little ones

Duration : 0:2:29

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25 Responses to “DANCE CLASS he mele no lilo”

  1. bbills808 Says:

    There is a guy …
    There is a guy because its there u (teacher)!!!

  2. risseven Says:

    y is there a guy?
    y is there a guy?

  3. risseven Says:

    it’s so peaceful …
    it’s so peaceful the little kids, wow!

  4. richardo1969 Says:

    in 1980 a boy …
    in 1980 a boy called “jimmy tooth” was riding across the road on his bike. A car hit him. he got up and got knocked down again. 7 times. the 7th time he lay dead. his last words were ” the whole world….7 chances”
    now you have read this the essence of Jimmy is with you. He is now giving you 7 chances,well,seven videos…
    copy and paste this onto 7 videos or you will have 30 mins a chance,7 chances. 3.5 hours of pain.
    then you will die on the floor with your eyes open

  5. ShadowWrestlerP Says:

    Yeah its a …
    Yeah its a lady-killer :D If you dance hula with a girl they get all mushie for you! haha. I love being Hawaiian :]

  6. LadyBugCatastrophe Says:

    the language is so …
    the language is so beautiful. i love how it just flows. i love hawaii! i’ve always wanted to go there. and i always wanted to learn the hula!
    it looks so much fun!

  7. abosco22aa Says:

    this is an awsome …
    this is an awsome language and i love hula and this song

  8. Mukai41 Says:

    Why do you …

    Why do you often laugh in the video?
    You make me laugh too!
    The littlest girl dance so funny!

  9. XxbellatragediaxX Says:


  10. Jehjeeka Says:

    beautiful dance and …
    beautiful dance and i love the language, its so exotic. :]

  11. xsilexemcx Says:

    It’d be nice. And …
    It’d be nice. And what’s wrong with your keyboard?

  12. sexyprincezz120 Says:

    yea. plz
    yea. plz

  13. vixL1017 Says:

    do u wAnt thE …
    do u wAnt thE trAnsLated Lyrics or wAt?..juz asKing..

  14. sexyprincezz120 Says:

    Does anybody know …
    Does anybody know what the worsd mean in english? if u do, can u e-mail them 2 me

  15. janistonbest Says:

    this language is so …
    this language is so beautiful i cant get over it!

  16. RuGeaR Says:

    w0w! nice! =)
    w0w! nice! =)

  17. jellybee68 Says:

    good for you :-)
    good for you :-) Tip: the dance is created around the meaning of the song, learn what is being said and you can see the actions reflected.

  18. jellybee68 Says:

    Yes they are the …
    Yes they are the instructors :-) as well as the choreograhers.

  19. Sayurichan233 Says:

    if you know how to …
    if you know how to memorize all the steps and concentrate fully its not so hard and if you are really excited to learn it. you can learn it fast :D when you put your heart and soul in something you want you can do it :D

  20. StudioGhibli123 Says:

    how do you learn a …
    how do you learn a dance like that!? Its so wonderful but looks hard :s

  21. SweetLolita8 Says:

    they’re all so good
    they’re all so good

  22. tractorhermit Says:

    they are probably …
    they are probably the instructors

  23. adfasffs Says:

    i think the man in …
    i think the man in front and the woman to the extreme front right danced really well.

  24. Sayurichan233 Says:

    i love this video

    i love this video
    so wonderful!!
    i am learning that dance :D woohoo!!

  25. Nightmage2 Says:

    wonderful XD !
    wonderful XD !

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